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Do you remember that warm fuzzy feeling you get once you get into the comforts of your warm house on a chilly day? Holding a mug of coffee, with your phone put on charge, binge-watching a series…sounds good, no? Well, you can thank your gas boiler repair guy! On the other hand, think, you get into a cold home. The gas boiler needs repair or the damn gas boiler is all leaky and whistling! Not very inviting, is it? No matter what gas boiler repair issue you’re facing or where in Glasgow you’re facing it – we’re there for you! You can call us somewhat of a “gas boiler repair expert” and we at SMHeating and Plumbing have got you covered! We offer mainly four services. Which can broadly be categorized into:
  • Safety Check Service for your Gas Boiler
  • Gas Boiler Repair
  • Gas Boiler Installation
  • Fixing Leaking Gas Boiler
Gas Boiler Safety Check
We know that as per the safety regulation norms we’ve to check the gas boiler every two years. Thus, our heating engineers are here to guide you through the potential issues your gas boiler may face in two years and fix those issues. So the plan is to keep the problems at bay!
Why do you need boiler servicing?
All right so we know the government has made servicing mandatory after every two years. As a result, servicing has become extremely essential. However, let’s explore why it’s necessary (i) To make sure it is running efficiently (ii) To keep you safe (iii) To prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning (iv) To save money on energy bills Moreover, our gas engineers are certified and experienced for any kind of gas boiler repairs. Also, it’s just a quick safety check. Don’t skip it! Call our registered office any day for gas boiler services and get your landlord gas safety certificates! Our customer services are always waiting for your call!
Gas Boiler Repair
Gas boiler repair

But life doesn’t go our way and we often end up with unforeseen problems. However, you are not to worry because we’ve got your back, matey! Just contact our customer service and our Gas Safe engineer would be there! Is it low pressure, the pump isn’t working, the gas boiler fails to ignite- whatever the issue…we got it under control in no time.

Also, let’s go through some common problems you may face with a boiler. And we here, will get your central heating system running smoothly again in no time!

(i) No pilot light

(ii) Noise in the boiler

(iii) No heating

(iv) Low pressure

(v) Partially warm radiator

(vi) Kettling

(vii)Thermostat problems

(viii)Frozen pipelines

(ix)Boiler keeps switching off

What you can do?

Firstly, make sure your boiler is on and all the parts are working. Also, pressure is an important factor- make sure there is no leakage. You may try to bleed or thaw the boiler in case the boiler is making noise or the pipelines have frozen.

Also, there are some things you can check yourself. But if it does not work- you already know who to call! Check-in with our customer service for any gas boiler repairs. Moreover, we are Glasgow’s most trusted gas boiler repair company-so look no further!

Gas Boiler Installation and Central Heating Service
Combi gas boiler repair glasgow

 But have you recently moved in and want a gas boiler installed for central heating? You bet we have your back on this too…Are you concerned about the environment? Are you an environmentalist? So are we! Because we’ve got world-class eco-efficient gas boilers! And that’s not even the best part! We come with a ten-year warranty on these high-end gas boilers. And we understand your requirements for choosing the best but also pocket friendly. Subsequently, we come with flexible finance packages. Firstly, let’s choose the perfect gas boiler for you. You can choose from-

(i) Combi Gas boilers

(ii) System Gas boilers

(iii) Conventional Gas boilers

Which one you choose may depend on your property, the number of showers in use, water pressure. In short, your requirements. So let’s start!

Combi Gas Boiler 

  • If you are looking for an efficient boiler that is not draining your pocket, this is exactly the boiler you are looking for!

Firstly, it saves space. Secondly, it has a short installation time. And finally, it gives you unlimited hot water supply and of course central heating.

So now you know why this is the most recommended choice!


  1. You don’t have to wait for a hot water supply.
  2. Compact
  3. Doesn’t need a pump.
  4. Easy to maintain and install.
  5. Low risk of pipework freezing.
  6. Doesn’t need loft space

However, it may not match your requirements if you have –

(i) Low water pressure

(ii) More than one showers running at a time.

(iii) Large Houses

(iv) Incompatible with your shower

2. System Gas boilers

To combat the shortcomings of the combi boiler we present to you- System gas boilers. They store hot water. Therefore, multiple showers can be used at once. Moreover, it is easier to install and maintain. Also, you no longer have to worry about frost damage or leaks! So if you own a house that’s spacious but not so much as to allow a tank inside it, System Boiler is a perfect choice!


  1. Economical
  2. Compact
  3. Hot water supply 24*7
  4. Expansion Cistern not required
  5. Energy-efficient- solar thermal system compatible

However, you may have to-

(i) wait for hot water

(ii) find space for the cylinder

(iii) compromise on usage depending on tank size

(iv) insulate to prevent heat loss

3. Conventional Gas boilers

You guessed it! These are one of those traditional gas boilers which may often be vented or heat only and consist of a cylinder and a water storage tank. It can supply large volumes of hot water to multiple outlets. However, it isn’t suitable for places that have a shortage of space. Also, it doesn’t require you to change the pipework and works well with solar heating systems.

So the Advantages are:

  1. Multiple faucets are covered
  2. Works well even in low water pressure
  3. Reduces energy bills and ecological footprints

However, it comes with some basic disadvantages:

(i) Not compact

(ii) Wait for hot water

(iii) Expensive and convoluted installation

So how to choose the best boiler for your house?

To sum up you’ve to choose your boiler according to the size of your house and the number of outlets.

For instance: Small houses, One bathroom – Combi Boiler

Medium Houses, Multiple bathrooms- System Boiler

Big Houses, Multiple bathrooms- Conventional Boiler

Leaking Gas Boiler Repair

A leaky gas boiler is the last thing we want-we don’t want to ruin that beautiful wooden floor, do we? So fixing a leakage is always a top priority. Moreover, an annual boiler service can prevent leakages. However, leakages may occur even after a regular safety check. You can easily spot a leakage when the pressure in the boiler drops and the central heating system is no longer working efficiently!

Let’s go through the causes of a leaky boiler

  1. Corrosion of the pipes and tanks
  2. If the pressure is too high
  3. Leaks from the temperature valve indicate that the boiler temperature is too high
  4. The boiler pump isn’t sealed correctly
  5. Wear and tear may cause loose joints
  6. Poor installation
  7. Boilers don’t last forever- it may be time to get a new one!

What you can do for a leaky gas boiler?

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Switch off the central heating
  • Dry all the water around the gas boiler
  • Call Us!

And never try to fix a leaky boiler yourself because it’s dangerous!

However, don’t restrain yourself if the gas boiler issues occur in commercial properties or your landlord is just a grumpy old man. Also, we have the best and warmest certified engineers. And they can fix everything as long as it’s related to a gas boiler repair!

All said, know that our registered office is just a call away! We’re waiting for your call- Call Us Today!