What Are the Different Types of Radiators?

In this Topic, we cover different types of radiators and their size. It should be Under the Window or where we should install it. We will discuss different types of radiator like K1, K2, K2+, Type11, and Type22. What is this all mean? Which one is an old-range radiator, which is a New Range radiator, and which is a more energy-efficient radiator?

K 1 or Type 11 Radiators

K 1 Radiators

These are the most basic radiators. Single fins are on the front of the radiator and the single-panel radiator.

K 1 radiators are Type 11

These radiators look similar to type 21 radiators. Sometimes hard to tell the difference as the back of the radiator hide with only one layer of fins and only one layer of a panel on the front .

Type 33 Radiators

This type of radiator combines type 11 and type 22 radiators. This type of radiator has three panels and three layers of fins because these features create a high amount of heat.

P+ Radiators

These are double radiators which means double panel single convectors. This type of radiator is also called a double premium radiator. This type of radiator is also called a type 21 radiator.

K2 Radiators

These are double panel double convector radiators, also called dual deluxe radiators.

Type 21 Radiators

Type 21 radiator with two panels with one layer of fins. You can remember this type of radiator by its name too 21, which means two panels and one layer of fins. It means type 21 generates less heat as compared to type 22. As type 21 radiators have a single layer of fins, that’s why that type of radiator is less thick than type 22 radiators as a layer of fins is single and requires less space to store them, which means less dense.

Type 22 Radiators Double Panel Radiators

This type of radiator, as the name represents 22, means two panels and a double layer of fins on this radiator also called double panel radiator once again, you can remember this radiator by its number 22 as well, which is relatively easy to remember and make a difference between Type 21 and Type 22 radiators. Which means type 22 generates more heat than type 21. As type 22 radiators have double fins, these radiators are thicker than type 21 radiators. Double fins require more space to store them. This type of radiator is the more energy-efficient radiator. It will heat the area more quickly. So it is a more energy-saving idea to install this type of radiator—this type of radiator save money-saving, especially with the rising prices of Gas.

Why You Should Choose Type 21 or Type 22 Radiators

As the feature explains every type of radiator, it is easy to decide what kind of radiator should use in specific spaces. If the room is tiny and you don’t need a vast radiator that will create a high amount of heat, then go for double panels and a single fins radiator. If the room is big, you need a high amount of heat; then you should go for type 22 radiators which will create a high amount of heat to keep the room warm.

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