What Are different Types of Radiators

In this Topic we will cover What type of radiators what size. It should be Under Window or where we should install. We will discuss different types of radiators like K1, K2, K2+, Type11, Type22, what is this all mean.

K 1 or Type 11 Radiators

K 1 Radiators are most basic radiators. There are single fins on front of radiator also single panel radiator. K 1 radiators also called Type 11 radiators too. These radiators look like similar of type 21 radiators. Sometimes hard to tell the difference as back of radiator is hidden only one layer of fins and only one layer of panel on front.

Type 33 Radiators

This type of radiators are unusual type of radiator this type of radiator is combination of type 11 and type 22 radiator. Which mean this type of radiator having three panels and three layers of fins because of these features creates high amount of heat.

P+ Radiators

These are double radiator which means double panel single convector. This type of radiators also called double premium radiators. This type of radiators also called type 21 radiators.

K2 Radiators

These are double panel double convector radiators also called double deluxe radiators.

Type 21 Radiators

This type of radiators with two panels with one layer of fins. You can remember this type of radiator by its name too 21 which mean two panels and one layer of fins. Which mean type 21 generates less heat as compared to type 22. As type 21 radiators have single layer of fins that is why that type of radiator is less thick than type 22 radiators as layer of fins is single and required less space to store them which means less thick.

Type 22 Radiators

This type of radiators as name represents 22 mean two panels and double layer of fins on this radiators once again you can remember about this radiator by its number 22 as well which is quiet easy to remember and to make difference between Type 21 and Type 22 radiators. Which mean type 22 generates more heat than type 21. As type 22 radiators have double fins that is why these radiators are thicker than type 21 radiators. Due to double fins required more space to store them.

Why You Should Choose Type 21 or Type 22 Radiators

As features explained of each and every type of radiators it is easy to make decision like what type of radiators should use on certain space .If room is really small and you know you don’t need really big radiator which will be creating high amount of heat then go for go for double panels and single fins radiator , If room is big and you this you need high amount of heat in room then you should go for  type 22 radiators which will be creating high amount of heat to keep the room warm .