Causes and Solution of Burst Pipes

Common Causes – Action Prevention 

Reason to call an Emergency Plumber?

The most common plumbing problem is burst pipes in house water systems in domestic and commercial plans. There can be many reasons for burst pipes. The most known is a burst pipe in freezing conditions and lousy quality.

Age of pipe

Another reason for burst pipes is the age of pipe damage or misuse of the line. Over-pressure the tube through the pipework. Over a period, a problem appears up, and the pipe bursts start. A pipe burst can be very damaging and devastating same time. Burst pipes cause a lot of damage to people’s property, can make them homeless, and can cause significant damage financially. If it is a mains pipe burst can be the reason for the closure of road or town for days and can affect people’s daily life badly. Burst pipes can cause significant losses financially and loss of a lot of water too.

Burst Pipes are far from a modern curse. On the contrary, they are more trouble; now we have such a population boom and overcrowded cities. In addition, we have integrated complicated plumbing systems in our homes, such as waste disposals, boilers, and garden features. Burst pipes within the home are simply the worst thing that can happen to your plumbing system. It is not the cost of repairing the pipe or even the loss of the water while it is getting fixed, but the sheer amount and price of the damage water can do.

A pipe sometimes bursts in forestalling or inside the wall, and it takes days or months to notice the leak till you get marks to appear or the leak starts.

Potential water loss

It can be potential water loss inside the property. Every day many pipes burst all around the country, which is a possible water loss. You need an SM Heating and Plumbing Services emergency plumber to avoid water loss and property damage. There is no fixed time for a pipe leak. It can be any time in 24 hours.

Now we shall cover some aspects of the preventative actions you can take to reduce your risk of a burst pipe requiring an emergency plumber, but there are better solutions than this one. Some lines you will not be able to get to, some will be underground, while others you may not even know exist. One thing you can always do and will make significant savings in the damage and the resulting bill is to get to your stopcock quickly and as soon as you suspect a leak or Burst. 

Prevention of Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can be devastating, so anything you can do to minimize the risk of a Burst Pipe happening in your home. As with most systems and parts of your home, prevention is the best solution; below, we have highlighted several key things you can do too.

When buying a house, you should know where the main stopcock is. Everyone in the home should know how to Shut off the mains water. Make sure you know where your stop cock is. If you need to know where your stopcock is or how to operate it, it can damage your property in case of a Burst pipe or leak.

Outside Taps and Over Flows

Ensure that outside taps and piping, including drainpipes for heating or overflow pipes, are insulated. You can use insulating lagging or foam to do this but do not expose any joints, bends, or taps. For outside fixtures, fitted covers are available.

Piping in cold areas such as lofts, basements, and garages must be fixed with good-quality pipe lagging.

Buried Pipes

Any pipes buried in the ground outside, such as pipes to garages or sheds, must be buried deep enough and lagged.

Insulate your cold-water tank; this is often forgotten and can be the primary cause of Burst Pipes.

Always leave your heating on at least 12 degrees centigrade throughout cold spells. This will keep the system warm enough not to Burst Pipes and the water flowing.

Dripping Taps

Fix any dripping taps or existing leaks before the cold spell. Many Burst Pipes happen because of leaks.

Central Heating System

Check your Central Heating System Service regularly.


In freezing spells, leave the loft hatch open as this will allow the warm air to circulate the loft space and warms any pipes in that space, reducing the risk of a Burst Pipe.

If your home is unoccupied, turn off the stopcock, drain water from the system, close the taps again (which is very important), and leave your heating on. Most heating systems will continue to work without the mains water on for a period. Most importantly of all, make sure that someone can check on the house from time to time. As much as you can do these actions to prevent a Burst Pipe, sometimes Burst Pipes will occur, and the sooner you can deal with them, the better.

If you have doubts or need help doing any of these measures, contact a good emergency plumber who will carry out these jobs and advise you further. Remember that a burst pipe can cost thousands, so a little preventative price can save much more in the long run.

What to do if you have a Burst Pipe

What you do when you discover one will make the difference between an inconvenience and a total disaster. Here we have highlighted the best action a homeowner can take.

Look out for the signs of Burst Pipes. Not every burst pipe is a torrent of water from the ceiling; look for damp patches on walls, ceilings, and floors. Loss of water pressure, unusual noises in the system, and even electrical faults all can point to Burst Pipes.

If you suspect a burst pipe, isolate the water from the stopcock. Then, close the stopcock fully and open the taps in the home to remove the water from the system.

DO NOT use electrical devices; keep away from light switches and sockets. If water is leaking, it can easily be within the electrical circuit.

Clean the excess water away as soon as possible the quicker you remove water, the less damage will happen.

Move any furniture and belongings from the flood area; remember, the insurance does not always cover everything.

Keep away if the Burst Pipes are outside the home but on the street. The water pressure on the road can be exceptional and very dangerous. Call the local water authority immediately.

Burst Pipes Water Main in Glasgow

Finally, call an Emergency Plumber from SM Heating and Plumbing Services at 01412660100. They can isolate the Burst Pipes, uncover the cause, and get you back online, day or night.